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My mom and sister have been key in my education
On the steps of the MIT Dome
About Me
One of my earliest memories is me sitting with my sister at her computer and browsing the internet for Barbie pictures. She would print the images out and give them to me to play with. I found the machine fascinating. That Christmas, I asked Santa for a computer. Though, at the time, I saw it as a window to a world of beautiful barbie pictures, I quickly realized it had more amazing capabilities. And, to my delight, Santa delivered on Christmas. I still remember my joy as I unboxed my educational laptop. Little did my mom and I know, that gift would spark a passion that would still live on fifteen years later.

Growing up in a Spanish-speaking household, this toy provided me with the support I needed to improve my English. But, above all, it introduced me to my first love: mathematics.
Growing up, I loved math. I saw it as a universal language that I could speak both at school and at home. I loved completing drills and performing mental calculations. I admired how math built upon itself.

So, throughout my K-12 education, I made it a mission to help others see the beauty in math too. I started tutoring when I was nine and have continued since. I discovered that students didn't appreciate math because they felt it was too abstract to connect it to their lives and futures. This resulted in them lacking motivation to learn challenging topics.

This encouraged me to begin dabbling in educational content creation. I grew up in a family of artistically talented indivudals. And, as more of a STEM person, I struggled finding my creative outlet. When I began creating worksheets, powerpoints, and infographics. I realized that, with the help of math and computers, I could create the aesthetically pleasing content I desired. So, my brain became my paintbrush.
In 2022, I graduated Salutatorian!
I played violin for six years!
In May 2022, I commited to MIT!
In August 2022, I flew to Boston.
Bringing MIT Home!
This was how I discovered my second love: Computer Science. Now, I am an undergraduate Computer Science and Mathematics student at MIT.

So far, I've had the opportunity to explore web development, data science, and both low and high-level programming. I currently know Python, Javascript, C, HTML, Assembly, React, and Node.js. And, I hope to continue exploring more languages and applications of computer science. I am particularly interested in Quantum Computing, Front-end Web Development, EdTech, and HealthTech. I hope to create reliable technology for humanity today and the generations to come.

Stay Curious,
Stacy Vazquez