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Halloween 2023: Do you guys ever think about DIYing?
I am a child of DIY. Part of the reason I am a STEMie is because I am not my mom. My mom is the most artistic person I know; if you ask her to make any craft, she will find a way to do it and make it beautiful...
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Job Stealer, Spot Stealer, Dream Stealer: an outlook on Affirmative Action...
In the twenties, while some enjoyed their fortunes and lavish lifestyles, others discovered that the American Dream extended beyond financial success...
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I took 14 AP Classes so you don't have to :winksob:
There are two things that would make fourteen year old Stacy feel like she has unlimited power: pull an uno reverse card on College Board and grade them. Embrace my Abby Lee Miller arc and...
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I am a ✨Mansplainer✨
The world has always valued prediction. Both psychics and financial analysts live on prediction. Their job is to foresee the future, so that we can maximize success and minimize misfortune. As a consequence, humans have developed reliable pattern-identification skills...
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