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A is for Average: College and the Myth of Normal
Is calling someone 'smart' a compliment or a curse? I grew up as a high-achieving student, and I've asked myself the same question numerous times growing up.
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Job Stealer, Spot Stealer, Dream Stealer: an outlook on Affirmative Action...
In the twenties, while some enjoyed their fortunes and lavish lifestyles, others discovered that the American Dream extended beyond financial success...
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Para las Mamás de mi Vida
How did we become the people we are today? There is a longstanding debate over whether it is nature or nurture that has a greater impact on our personalities, aspirations, and thoughts. Our parents, though, influence both.
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I am a ✨Mansplainer✨
The world has always valued prediction. Both psychics and financial analysts live on prediction. Their job is to foresee the future, so that we can maximize success and minimize misfortune. As a consequence, humans have developed reliable pattern-identification skills...
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