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#High School
Job Stealer, Spot Stealer, Dream Stealer: an outlook on Affirmative Action...
In the twenties, while some enjoyed their fortunes and lavish lifestyles, others discovered that the American Dream extended beyond financial success...
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I took 14 AP Classes so you don't have to :winksob:
There are two things that would make fourteen year old Stacy feel like she has unlimited power: pull an uno reverse card on College Board and grade them. Embrace my Abby Lee Miller arc and...
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My College Essays
I will always remember December 31, 2021 as the most anticlimactic New Year's Eve of my life. For most young Americans, New Year's Eve is a day to dress up, meet up with relatives or friends, and anticipate the coming year. For seventeen-year-old Stacy Vazquez...
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